4 reasons to take learn creative DIY

Taking a creative workshop is awesome for so many reasons. Here are my top 4!

Reason No. 1:

Meet people

You meet like-minded people. I mean, you’re in a room full of other people that want to make things too! And they all signed up to make the same thing as you so you’re guaranteed to at least have something to talk about — your project!

Macrame workshop with  Maude Gypsy .

Macrame workshop with Maude Gypsy.


Reason No. 2:

Less screen time

As someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, its really nice to continue my craft in manual mode. I’m sure we could all use a little less screen time. Taking a workshop means a couple of quiet hours where you can focus on something fun and creative. But ok, maybeee you take a photo so you can share that moment later with your friends and tell them how awesome it was! I know — the irony.

Reason No 3:

Boost brain power

Depending on how involved the new craft is, creating in other platforms means a lot of learning. That’s good! Other than for the obvious reasons, studies have shown that learning can help slow cognitive aging. Here’s an article from Harvard Medical School. And as a designer, it definitely broadens your creative horizons by exposing you to different textures, techniques, color palettes, and trends!

Reason No. 4:


Not only do you now have a brand new skill (or maybe improving an old one), you usually have a completed project you get to take home with you! How awesome is that? I know personally that taking continuous workshops improves my ability to see personal projects through. Remember that mosaic you started and never got back to (me talking to the 2002 version of me). Now you have the confidence to finish it! You can more effectively see a personal project from start to finish, and the sense of completion and ability to overcome what seems daunting is a really great feeling.

Now go! Craft away!