How to make DIY galaxy colored marble coasters

DIY galaxy marble coaster inspiration

DIY galaxy marble coaster inspiration

This project is super fun and easy. I was inspired to make these when I stumbled upon a picture of them on A Kailo Chic Life’s website here.

I love making these because it’s a short project and the learning curve is pretty non-existent. Plus, these make cute gifts for your friends! Bonus!

Anywho, I bought almost all of the supplies that was recommended in the tutorial with some exceptions and modifications:


Step 1.

Separate the hexagon tiles

The first step was to cut each hexagon tile from the wire mesh. You could probably use a self-healing cutting board like this one (I personally like the blue one) or simply use some cardboard as long as you don’t press on the knife super hard.

Step 2.

Color block using painter’s tape

Use painter’s tape to tape off parts you don’t want to get paint on. I have a bit of trouble keeping the paint from bleeding through but found that adhering the tape well helps create a neater line.

Step 3.

Protect your work area

Use cardboard or something similar to protect the surface you’re working on.

Step 4.


Place the marble coasters on the protected surface and start experimenting with the inks! Start with a few drops and use different colors. The inks can be a bit unpredictable which is also part of the fun! Make sure you drain the excess paint onto your covered work area.

Step 5.

Add gold flecks

This part is fun. If you have a brand new gold paint pen, you’ll need to gently press down on the tip to get the ink to start flowing. Make sure you shake it first! Once the ink turns the tip from white to gold, shake your pen over the coasters in a downward flicking motion to create a splatter effect.

Step 6.

Let them dry

Allow the coasters to dry for a few minutes. The ink dries pretty quickly. Gently peel off the tape.

Step 7.

Add the cork bottom

Cut out a square from the cork roll about the size of the coaster. Peel off the protective paper and place your now dry coaster onto the sticky side of the cork roll. Use your utility knife to trim off the excess cork paper.